I’m Teaming Up With Fitness Icon Kathy Smith to Help Get YOU Fit


For those dealing with what feels like an extremely long winter, spring will be here soon enough...why am I saying this? For many, winter is often a time to bounce our fitness routines right off of our "to-do" lists because the thought of going … [Read more...]

SuperbWoman Video Interview

Had a great conversation with Janet Neal of The Superbwoman, Inc. about how I went from a stressed out, run down Superwoman to a Superbwoman! (Ok, those were Janet's words. I went from being a total mess to creating the life and business I love! … [Read more...]

Sarah’s Brave and Bold Journey-post #2

Persistence creative sign on a beautiful day

Over the last few weeks, I’ve realized that my journey to recover my Mojo is going to be more about acceptance than radical change. I’m certainly not saying that I don’t need to make radical changes, but, I before I can change, I must learn to … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Reduce Stress Related Cravings

Need Want Like Keys Showing Craving And Desire

So many of us eat unhealthy foods when they feel stressed. With food available everywhere, it’s easy to see how easily food can be being used as an unhealthy form of stress relief. Unfortunately, using food to relieve our stress is a temporary … [Read more...]

Sarah’s Brave and Bold Journey-Post #1


Trained as a doctor, but working the hardest job in world, that of stay-at-home mom, I find having personal time to ‘work on myself’ is challenging to say the least. I not only have two children, ages five and seven, but I have four dogs and my … [Read more...]

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Mindful Eating

woman with popcorn

If you’ve ever given any thought to what you eat, you probably feel that you’re familiar with the term “Mindful Eating”. While thinking about what you’re putting into your mouth is a great thing to practice when managing your weight, the many daily … [Read more...]

How to Stay Fit During the Busy Holiday Season

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While you’re even busier than usual with holiday shopping, parties, etc. one of the first things to go in order to find more time may be your workout. Give yourself a gift and make the decision to keep exercise a priority. It may be the only “me” … [Read more...]

The Truth About Food Pushers and Food Buddies

Young women fighting to take bite of hamburger

Tis the season…for food pushers and food buddies. We all know them. They’re those sweet and innocent people who charm and guilt us until we eat a serving of something they’ve prepared for the holidays. They're also the ones who are making unhealthy … [Read more...]

Holiday Eating Survival: Part Two

woman eating cookie

In Part One of my Holiday Eating Survival Guide, I asked what the holidays mean to you - how do you think about time spent away from it all, celebrating with family and friends - when it comes to your eating plan? If you don’t have an eating plan, … [Read more...]

Holiday Eating Survival: Part One

drinks and cookies

The holidays are upon us! If you celebrate by traveling to be with those you love, using the time to vacation and overindulge, I’ve got the perfect ‘survival guide’ to help you avoid packing on the holiday pounds. While we all look forward to the … [Read more...]