Gaining Weight: How to Identify the Most Common Reasons

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The most common reasons for the struggle many of us face with gaining weight, losing weight and weight maintenance are Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. To identify and understand your own reasons for weight gain, answer the following questions. … [Read more...]

How to Enjoy Summer Success: Six Steps to Maintain Control and Achieve Goals

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How do you enjoy the summer, accomplish all that you want to do and maintain control over those areas you struggle with most? As always, achieving goals starts with a plan. Whether you want to maintain your weight, tackle a sport, or begin a new … [Read more...]

Feeling Fat, Fuzzy and Frazzled?

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Feeling fat, fuzzy and frazzled? Ready to look and feel your absolute best, jump out of bed with so much energy that you can't wait to greet each new day?  Then join me for a complimentary call on July 7th at 3pmEST/12pmPST where we’ll discuss: -Why … [Read more...]

Here’s What Happens When You Burst Past Your Comfort Zone…


Thrilled and honored to post this success story and hoping it inspires YOU to walk right through your comfort zone...where life begins. Debi claimed I was going to hate her, but would eventually love her. I silently scoffed at the words coming … [Read more...]

Moving More in the Workplace

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Have a desk job and want to get bikini ready? Here are a few great ways to be active in the workplace: Push your chair aside! As I'm writing this now, my computer is propped on top of a box on my desk to give it extra height. There's no chair and … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Challenge Check In: Graduation Day

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A Graduation Day post from Rockstar client Mandy... One of the key components to Debi's program is empowering each of her clients to "leave the nest" and this week it was my turn to graduate. After three months on her plan, I can say without a doubt … [Read more...]

That’s me on Dr. Oz!

I was featured on Dr. Oz this week.  Check out the video! … [Read more...]

Mandy’s Weight Loss Challenge-Week 3: Healthier Baking

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After rich cheeses, deliciously tender roasted vegetables, and mouthwatering meats — all part of the program I'm following with wellness expert Debi Silber to meet my weight loss goals — I was itching to do a little baking. I have a soft spot for all … [Read more...]

High Intensity Interval Training Part 2: A Huge Fitness Hit for Busy Moms

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In the last post we talked about what HIIT is (High Intensity Interval Training) and offered simple ways to create your own personalized HIIT routine. In this post, giving you even more reason to give HIIT a try, here are the many benefits a HIIT … [Read more...]

High Intensity Interval Training Part 1: A Huge Fitness Hit for Busy Moms

Female Resting With Intense Workout

Do you find it very difficult to fit exercise into your busy schedule? Often as moms, we often put our needs on “the back burner” placing everyone else’s needs above our own. Of course we want to care for our families, but it doesn’t have to be at … [Read more...]