Being Friends with Yourself: Why Speaking Positively Brings Freedom

Happy young women lying on grass laughing

Do you shower your friends with compliments, praise and approval? You probably do, because you know that it makes them feel proud, valued and respected. You see and understand the benefit of speaking positively to your friends when you see the … [Read more...]

How to Change Up Your Boring Fitness Routine, Get Noticeable Results

tired fitness instructor with dumbbells

If you find your current fitness routine boring, here’s how you can easily change things up…and get noticeable results!Your Boring Running RoutineIf your running has become routine and boring - try changing the route you take. Something as simple as … [Read more...]

How to Succeed at Weight Loss: 6 Types of Dysfunctional Eating Styles

Overwhelmed Obese Woman Looking At List Of Weight Lost Choices

If you think dysfunctional relationships only involve people, I have news for you. You may have a dysfunctional relationship with food, which is keeping you from being able to succeed at lasting weight loss.The FIRST step to freeing yourself from a … [Read more...]

Phones, Fragrances and Fabrics: Navigating a New Age of Dining Distractions


Dining out? Be sure to read this before you go!Here's a guest post from my friend Deborah Goldstein. Deborah Goldstein created workshops in Strategic Dining℠ to assist professionals in maximizing a business meal; clearly one of the best venues for … [Read more...]

Accomplishing More: 7 Truths for Increased High Energy

typewriter with my new life chapter one concept for fresh start

If you had more energy, you could…If you had more energy, you would…The truth is, with increased high energy you could and probably would do so many more things. It just seems to make sense that you would get more accomplished, have more “pep in your … [Read more...]

Two Life Changing Words: How Yes and No are Misused Today

Businessman Choosing Yes or No

The words “yes” and “no” are extremely powerful words that carry strong feelings and emotions. These two words can even be life changing when used at the right time. But these words are also the most misused words in our language today. Because of … [Read more...]

One More: A Different Approach to Prevent Disappointment and the Feeling of Failure

Sportswoman With Arms Up Celebrating Success

Do you set goals, then look forward to the feeling of success when those goals are finally achieved? Setting goals and looking forward to the day you can celebrate reaching your accomplishments can be a great feeling…unless those goals aren’t met. … [Read more...]

Six Tips for Consistency the Key to Exercise Success

Consistency Key to Hitting Your Target

If you’re not seeing the kind of results you want from your workouts and you’re frustrated over trying to find the right fitness routine, the following six tips are just for you!First, you should know that the problem may not be with your fitness … [Read more...]

Ten Best Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain, Mindless Munching

Fast Food Break

Do you find yourself mindlessly munching your way through a day? For most of us, avoiding the cupboards and refrigerator usually doesn’t work in the fight against absent-minded snacking and unwanted weight gain. Here are ten of my best tips for … [Read more...]

How a Delicious Life Can Be a Piece of Cake

freshly baked heart shaped cake

If you’ve ever baked a cake, you know that if you put in fresh, delicious ingredients in the appropriate amounts at the appropriate time, you often create something delicious. You also know that while other ingredients may be available to you and … [Read more...]