How to Stay Fit During the Busy Holiday Season

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While you’re even busier than usual with holiday shopping, parties, etc. one of the first things to go in order to find more time may be your workout. Give yourself a gift and make the decision to keep exercise a priority. It may be the only “me” … [Read more...]

The Truth About Food Pushers and Food Buddies

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Tis the season…for food pushers and food buddies. We all know them. They’re those sweet and innocent people who charm and guilt us until we eat a serving of something they’ve prepared for the holidays. They're also the ones who are making unhealthy … [Read more...]

Holiday Eating Survival: Part Two

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In Part One of my Holiday Eating Survival Guide, I asked what the holidays mean to you - how do you think about time spent away from it all, celebrating with family and friends - when it comes to your eating plan? If you don’t have an eating plan, … [Read more...]

Holiday Eating Survival: Part One

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The holidays are upon us! If you celebrate by traveling to be with those you love, using the time to vacation and overindulge, I’ve got the perfect ‘survival guide’ to help you avoid packing on the holiday pounds. While we all look forward to the … [Read more...]

Overfed and Undernourished: You Are What You Eat

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Access to nutritionally depleted, technologically created, chemically treated “food” has many of us taking in thousands of empty calories, each and every day, without realizing the cost.The saying, “you are what you eat” carries a serious measure of … [Read more...]

How Daily Choices Impact Your Life: 5 Keys to Healthier Living

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Most of us make hundreds of daily choices without much thought as to how they will impact our lives.What to wearWhat to eatHow to relate to other peopleHow to care for our bodies, minds, and spiritsHow we “show up”How we nurture ourselves and those … [Read more...]

Workplace Stress: Ten Tips for Better Health on the Job

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Did you know that workplace stress continues to be the cause of many health issues including: • Physical and emotional illnesses• Chronic conditions and diseases• Premature aging• Weight gain• Digestive issues, sleep problems, depression and moreSo, … [Read more...]

Being Friends with Yourself: Why Speaking Positively Brings Freedom

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Do you shower your friends with compliments, praise and approval? You probably do, because you know that it makes them feel proud, valued and respected. You see and understand the benefit of speaking positively to your friends when you see the … [Read more...]

How to Change Up Your Boring Fitness Routine, Get Noticeable Results

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If you find your current fitness routine boring, here’s how you can easily change things up…and get noticeable results!Your Boring Running RoutineIf your running has become routine and boring - try changing the route you take. Something as simple as … [Read more...]

How to Succeed at Weight Loss: 6 Types of Dysfunctional Eating Styles

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If you think dysfunctional relationships only involve people, I have news for you. You may have a dysfunctional relationship with food, which is keeping you from being able to succeed at lasting weight loss.The FIRST step to freeing yourself from a … [Read more...]