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Debi's Products

“I didn’t know what I had been missing until I finally tried one of Debi’s bars. They taste amazing and are totally filling. I now use them whenever I’m having a “sweet tooth” craving or just when I’m too busy to prepare a meal. This holiday season I’m also replacing all the chocolate in our stockings with healthy Mojo bars to keep me AND my family feeling great through the new year!” -Jennifer D, NY

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Debi as a Coach

“In 40 years of personal development work, including reading, studying and going to seminars with some of the most well-known leaders in the field, I’ve rarely come across one that produced lasting results. In fact, it’s unusual (in my experience) to find a “guru” that accomplishes much at all, other than getting my money into their pocket. Debi Silber is that rare individual.

There’s a reason she’s known as The Mojo Coach. Debi pumps you up but goes SO much deeper. I went to her to lose some weight and increase my level of fitness & overall health. I’m well on the way to accomplishing both, in a very short time, but she also helped me to look deep inside myself at who I truly am and, more importantly, who I can truly be.
Working with Debi isn’t always easy (unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a magic pill to success in any area of life) but she’s 100% there to guide you, encourage you and kick your ass when needed…and we all need our asses kicked sometimes.

Looking for a “coach” who can help you make a REAL difference in your life? If you’re truly ready, The Mojo Coach is the right choice!”

-Jeff Goldberg, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Author

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Debi as a Speaker

“Everyone needs a little Debi in their life!

She exuberates energy and has her audience fully engaged. Her presentation was enlightening and powerful. Debi is a true confidence builder. She causes you to think outside of the box, to challenge your fears, and realize that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.”
– New York State Society of CPAs- Nassau Chapter Women’s Focus Group

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