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Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC™, FDN

The Mojo Coach®

Debi is a recognized health, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and personal development expert who has inspired thousands to become their physical, mental and emotional best by taking them through quick and lasting health and lifestyle transformations.

 Are you ready to transform the health, energy and the results of your employees, team, group and your business?


Talks can be customized and adapted to fit the specific needs of your audience.

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iconOption 1 – Maximizing Your Impact: How to Look, Feel and Live Like a Leader

Being an impactful leader takes improving both your inner and your outer game. It takes:

  • A lean, fit body filled with energy and vitality
  • A mindset that propels you to be, do and have more
  • A dynamic, charismatic and magnetic image that invites people to want what you have
  • A lifestyle that not only supports but amplifies your growth

It’s not as hard as you think when you focus on 4 crucial areas that need to be strengthened in order to become your personal/professional best and Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC™, FDN The Mojo Coach® will show you how. She’ll share the secrets and strategies you need to create a dynamic leadership presence along with the tools top leaders implement to create that winning edge.

You’ll learn…

  • The 4 crucial areas to strengthen in order to become your physical, mental and emotional best
  • How your beliefs, behaviors, habits, relationships and stress level are causing health/wellness or illness/disease…and what to do about it
  • How to purposefully, powerfully and passionately lead your group, team or simply your own children
  • How to create a dynamic, charismatic and magnetic presence so you convey confidence and trust

“Debi Silber is as real as it gets! She brings all the elements essential to inspire, inform and motivate anyone to get their mojo back and does it with humor, high energy and that intangible “it” factor – an outstanding speaker.”

Dr. Georgianna Donadio, Program Director, National Institute of Whole Health

iconOption 2 – How Stress Creates Aging, Weight Gain, Illness and Disease…and How to Prevent It!

Although it may have become your “new norm”, feeling unfit, overweight, overwhelmed and exhausted isn’t normal. It’s a warning…

In this informative and eye-opening talk, Debi will share one of the most common yet undiagnosed conditions many busy professionals are facing right now.

She’ll show you exactly how it leads to physical, emotional and mental wear and tear and what it takes to heal.

Attendees will learn:

  • How unmanaged, chronic stress causes aging, weight gain, illness and disease
  • How you’ve been taught to treat the symptom vs. the root cause which explains why you feel the way you do
  • Why, despite your best efforts, it’s become more difficult to lose weight, stay focused, maintain your patience, libido and energy
  • Why busy professionals are so susceptible to stress related illnesses and disease
  • Small, manageable steps and strategies you can implement right now to reverse the symptoms while improving how you look and feel….even if you’re busy and have no time

Attendees will learn that symptoms created by chronic stress are NOT a normal part of aging, something to learn to live with, something to work around and something that inevitably leads to a compromised lifestyle. While it’s wreaking havoc on you physically, mentally and emotionally…it can all be healed and Debi will explain how.

“After working with Debi, my team has become more energetic… both physically and mentally. Debi has made a great impact to our body, mind and business results. I recommend Debi to any business owner or manager looking to optimize their workforce.”

Brian Auerbach. Managing Director Center for Wealth Preservation A Member of MassMutual Financial Group

iconOption 3 – Insider Secrets of Successful Professionals: Boost Your Health, Energy, Mindset and Lifestyle to Dramatically Boost Your Bottom Line

You want your business to run well, generate a great income and allow you to have that lifestyle you deserve. But, if you’re feeling overweight, overwhelmed and exhausted, you can’t be as productive as you need to be.

If you don’t have the energy or enthusiasm you need to get your message across, you can’t promote your business well or effectively.If you’re overweight, unfit or unhealthy, you won’t have the confidence you need to sell you products or services. And, if you’re dealing with a lack of sleep and chronic stress, you can’t create that lifestyle you want.

Busy professionals need simple strategies that work. They need to get rid of the old, dysfunctional habits and exchange them for ones that will bring fast and lasting results. This talk helps busy professionals remove the blocks that prevent them from becoming their physical, mental and emotional best so they can live the lives they want most. They’ll learn:

  • How to break a sugar addiction, an emotional eating issue and how to eat to feel fueled, nourished and energized
  • How to discover your unique “fitness personality”, how to prioritize your workouts when you have no time and how to get amazing results in a program that’s only 20-30 minutes
  • How your stress is making you sick, fat, old and exhausted…and what to do about it
  • How your beliefs are keeping you safe, stuck and small and how to rewire your mindset to create a belief system that propels you forward
  • How your relationships, emotional health, toxins and sleep patterns create health and wellness or illness and disease
  • How to purposefully, powerfully and passionately lead your group, team or simply your own children
  • How to powerfully, enthusiastically and authentically represent your business and brand
  • How to feel in control of your life, excited about your day, confident in your choices and sexy in your clothes
  • How to create and live a life by design versus reacting to a life by default

“Shows you how to develop a lifestyle full of health, energy and vitality that you may have never experienced before!”

Brian Tracy, Author of 55 books in 38 languages

Where Debi’s Spoken Recently:

Women’s Leadership event-Federation CJA Montreal, Canada
Federation CJA Luncheon Montreal, Canada
Women’s Leadership Conference, Rhode Island
Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition
Branding Panel-The National Opera Center, NYC
The Women’s Fund of Long Island/Gucci
Fuel the Soul
The Mojo Event (Debi’s event in NY )
Keller Williams Women in Business Event
Human Resource Luncheon
Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce
National Association for Professional Women-NAPW
Molloy College
Adelphi University
UBS Financial Services
Hofstra University
The Women’s Financial Group
Women’s Innovative Network
Savor the Success-Lunch and Learn
Good Samaritan Hospital
Huntington Hospital
Ernst & Young
eWomen Network
Growth Source Academy

21st Century Women’s Leadership Conference
Center for Wealth Preservation Networking Event
Manhasset Coalition Against Breast Cancer Event
The Ultimate Life Company
American Society for Training and Development
Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP
Oheka Castle Colon Cancer Gala serving as Master of Ceremonies/Speaker
Woman to Woman Health and Wellness Event
Winthrop University Hospital
Navel Expo, Huntington, NY
Certilman, Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP
Club Mom
Mac’s Steakhouse Event for launch of Raw Beauty Magazine
Keynote Presenter for The American Heart Association Go Red for Women Event
Keynote Presenter for The Grant Professional’s Association New Jersey Chapter
VIP Healthcare Services
Museum of Motherhood
Margolin, Winer & Evens

TEDx Fulton Street
Mackoul and Associates, Inc.
UJA Federation of New York
American Business Women’s Association
Chatham Bars Inn-Women’s Leadership Retreat
Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women
National Council on Renal Nutrition of New England
Not for Profit-We Connect You
Dix Hills Jewish Center
Split Rock Golf Course, Bronx, NY
NYSSCPA, Women’s Focus Group, Milleridge Inn, Jericho, NY
The Ladies Philoptochos Organization Annual Membership Tea
Farmingdale Library: Long Island Marketing Job Seekers
Disney Social Media Moms Event
Senior Executive Networking Group
Success Summit 2012
National Women on the Rise
Vision To Wealth Event-New York
Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Work/Life Event
SheStreams Conference
The American Cancer Society Choose You Luncheon
Smart Meetings, Inc.
The Entrepreneur Center
Women’s Prosperity Network
Savor the Success-NYC

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