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The Mojo Event – Part One

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 Maximizing Your Impact: How to Look, Feel, and Live Your Best

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Additional Story and Segment Topics Include:

Does this stress make me look fat? How stress makes us sick, fat, old, tired and ugly! In this informative and eye-opening segment, Debi will show your audience how stress causes physical, emotional and mental wear and tear. Once they learn the damage stress can cause, they’ll learn how to protect their bodies and minds from its harmful affects. They’ll also hear Debi’s personal “experiment” that took her from illness to health, pain-to-pain free living and misery to joy. She’ll teach them how she did it so they can do it too!

Why diet and exercise aren’t enough. The secret to lasting weight loss, fitness, wellness and happiness Think diet and exercise are enough? Let Debi reveal the 4 areas we need to improve in order to look, feel and live our best.

Choose to lose. It’s not what you put in your mouth… it’s what you put in your head!Some “food for thought.” While we think it’s what we’re eating that’s causing our weight issues, Debi will show your audience how it’s the who, what, when, where, how and why of your eating that’s keeping them overweight and unhappy.

Lost Your Mojo? Get it back! Motherhood doesn’t have to mean matronly, stressed and tired. It can mean sleek, sexy and satisfying when mom learns how to “get her mojo back.” We’ll start with the easiest ways to begin (clothes, hair, makeup) which gives mom the confidence boost to work on other areas like nutrition, fitness, emotional health, stress control, relationships and spirituality. She’ll feel “new and improved!”

Why childhood obesity… Begins with Mom. In mom’s effort to do it all, she needs to cut some corners. Those corners are often seen in the foods she feeds her kids during “shuffle time” from one activity to the next or when she has no time to prepare a healthy meal. Mom may also need to keep her kids busy with the TV or computer so she can get a few things done. Debi will show your audience how mom can make some simple changes to get the family on track…for everyone’s sake.


Story and Segment ideas:

  • Does this STRESS Make Me Look Fat?
  • Diets – and Why They Cause Weight Gain
  • The Benefit of Sabotage
  • How Stress is Making You Sick, Fat, Old and Exhausted…and How to Prevent it
  • Why You May Want to Keep Your Excess Weight…On
  • Tips to avoid holiday, party or vacation weight gain
  • Staying Healthy In the Workplace
  • Using Your “Fitness Personality” to Create the Perfect Workout for You
  • How Your Relationships are Good or Bad…for Your Health
  • Immediate Steps You Can Take to “Get Your Mojo Back”
  • Choose to Lose-It’s Not What You Put in Your Mouth, it’s What You Put in Your Head
  • Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life
  • One of The Most Common Yet Undiagnosed Conditions You’re Probably Facing Right Now
  • How to Rewire Your Thinking Through Bridges
  • Do You Have a Case of Yes and No Confusion?
  • And many more…
  • Diets – and Why They Cause Weight Gain
  • New Year-New You!
  • How to Look, Feel and Live Like a Leader


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Debi With David Bach

Debi With David Bach

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Debi with T. Harv Eker

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Debi with Darren Hardy

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Debi with Brian Tracy

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Debi with Sharon Lechter

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Debi with Jack Canfield and James Malinchak

Debi with Jack Canfield and James Malinchak

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Being Branded “The Mojo Coach” with Debbie LaChusa
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Family Matters Radio
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Debi with Brendon Burchard

Debi with Brendon Burchard

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Debi with Lisa Nichols

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Debi with Mark Victor Hanson

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Debi With Kevin Harrington

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“Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach is a woman on a mission. She’s got the knowledge, experience and energy to inspire anyone to achieve their health and lifestyle goals so they can achieve success in their personal and professional lives. If you’re ready to improve your inner and outer game, The Mojo Coach can help!”

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