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Work With Debi

“Debi Silber is way more than “The Mojo Coach®”. In just 4 short weeks she transformed my life! What I loved most about working with Debi, was her contagious energy, and that she truly wants everyone to live their best life. Thank you!”
– Fran, NY

Get Lean, Energized and Healthy

“Finally got to try The Mojo Fuel Bar and it was awesome!!!  You nailed it Debi!!!!”
– Jamie, NY

Speaking Opportunities

“Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach® has that raw magnetism, razor sharp focus, blazing energy and rare authenticity in making your best self her business, her passion and her mission in life.”
-Wendy R, Canada


It’s Your Time!

If you’re a busy professional ready to get to the top of your game, you’re in the right place. I’ve created a system and process that quickly gets you to your physical, mental and emotional best.

No nonsense, real results, lasting change.

Ready for a health and lifestyle transformation? Ready to “get your mojo back? Let’s get you to your personal and professional best…ASAP.

Become Inspired, Empowered…Transformed

Want More Energy?

Exhausted and dragging through your day? We can fix that.

Want a Lean, Fit and Healthy Body?

Feeling overweight, unfit and are you dealing with symptoms and illnesses that have been showing up recently? We can fix that.

Want to get to the top of your game?

Overwhelmed, no work/life balance, feeling stuck and have some habits that are preventing you from the success you deserve? We can fix that.